What is the fund’s structure?

The Fund has been established within the registered managed investment scheme known as the Salt Listed Funds. Your money will be pooled with other investors’ money and invested in various investments. Salt Investment Funds Limited will invest your money and charge you a fee for its services. The returns you receive are dependent on the investment decisions of Salt Investment Funds Limited and of its investment manager and the performance of the investments. The value of those investments may go up or down.

What will your money be invested in?

The Fund is intended to provide investors with a total return exposure to movements in the price of carbon credits. The Fund has the ability to buy carbon credits in emissions trading schemes in New Zealand and offshore.

Who manages the Carbon Fund?

Salt Investment Funds Limited is the manager of the Carbon Fund.

How can you get your money out?

We intend to quote these units in the Fund on the NZX Main Board so you can sell your investment if there are interested buyers. The amount you get may be less than the amount that you invested.

Investments in the Fund are not generally redeemable for cash. If redemptions are permitted, conditions will apply (including minimum amounts), and we will be able to suspend, defer, or partially restrict withdrawals in certain circumstances.

How will your investment be taxed?

The Fund is a listed portfolio investment entity (PIE). As a listed PIE, the Fund will pay tax at the rate of 28%.