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The Carbon Fund is New Zealand’s first NZX-listed investment fund designed to trade in carbon credits. It offers investors the ability to invest in New Zealand’s lower carbon future.


The Fund is structured as a Portfolio Investment Entity, which offers exposure to the price of carbon credits that are bought from the Emissions Trading Scheme in New Zealand. Such schemes have been adopted by many countries as a tool to lower carbon emissions.


Salt Funds Management is the investment manager of the Fund. Salt Funds Management has an experienced investment team and over $2 billion in funds under management.

Who is involved?


Salt Investment Funds Limited is the manager of the Fund and the Scheme.
Salt Investment Funds Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salt Funds Management Limited (Salt).
Salt is the investment manager for the Fund.

Jarden Securities Limited is the sponsoring broker for the Fund.

New Zealand Guardian Trust is the supervisor and custodian of the Fund.

Link Market Services is the registrar for the Fund.

Apex (NZ) is the administration manager for the Fund.

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